KUA State level Quiz by YU-IT

The Karnataka Urology Association Qualifying Online Quiz 2017 for South Zone USI Quiz was conducted on Saturday 29th April, 2017. This was the first such selection quiz done online, involving residents in multiple centres across the state. The main objective was not to disadvantage the residents from other cities and towns because they would not get leave to go to locations quiz being conducted and hence were loosing out.


Yenepoya University provided a platform using the university E-Learning platform Yengage to facilitate the quiz program.

The quiz involved 8 centres and 65 residents. Mr. Rajesh Karkera, Deputy Director IT from Yenepoya University and the IT department persnonel provided the web infrastructure and support line during the conduct of the quiz.  Dr. Amrith Rao, Manipal Hospital, Bangalore was the Quiz Master. The rules of the quiz were announced and a mock test conducted on the previous day for the candidates to familiarize with the online quiz. Dr. Laxman Prabhu, Secretary, ASU was supportive of this initiative and also participated in the session in Mangalore.

The 40 minutes online quiz involving 40 multiple choice questions was conducted in the digital library of Yenepoya University for Mangalore participants, M S Ramaiah Medical College for Bangalore participants, participants from JNMC Belgaum, JSS Mysore, BLDE Bijapur, KMC Manipal, SS Davangere and VIMS Bellary answered the quiz at their own digital libraries, with independent observers at each center.

The test results were announced immediately and the winners were

  1. Dr. Narendra Pai, VIMS, Bellary
  2. Dr. Aravind Kumar, VIMS, Bellary
  3. Dr. Saurabh Mittal, SJMC, Bangalore

The conduct of the quiz was well appreciated by all candidates.




Rajesh Karkera
Deputy Director IT
Yenepoya University

rajesh official.jpg

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