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Students visit ACTS-YEN

It was a delightful moment for our Advanced Comprehensive Clinical Training and Simulation Center (ACTSYEN) staffs for hosting the 45 students and two faculties from Manipal school. ACTSYEN were happy to help them inspire and motivate the students by designing a session on the reproductive system and reproductive health.


Students educated with drawbacks of early sexual activity & pregnancy, awareness regarding sexual activeness, Abortion – legal and illegal and long-term effects on the body, Demonstration of a normal labour and show placenta and baby using Maternal Fetal Simulator, Male reproductive organ and Female reproductive organ,Chart showing fertilisation & implantation and menstrual cycle and Students also had a brief interactive session on adolescent health, during this session. Students were also taken on a tour of the hospital and were able to get up close and personal with some of the hospital’s clinical staff.The visit also allowed the students to explore contemporary issues related to health and health systems in the Dakshina Karnataka.




Our Doctors said, “Students interacted well and enjoyed talking to each other and it was a really good activity for both sides and Students are the best channel to convey a message to the society, they will go and tell their family about these things and awareness spreads”. The students felt really good after the visit,” said the teacher accompanied.They were a little nervous initially but were certainly rewarded by the end.The residents put them at ease and were truly interested in the students and helped them to reduce the level of anxiety children generally associate with their own hospitalization”.


Workshop on “Infectious Disease Outbreak Investigation and Surveillance” held at Yenepoya Medical College.

Training in “Infectious Disease Outbreak Investigation and Surveillance” is a key competency required for all practitioners of Public Health. The potential ability to engage fully in surveillance, mount an effective public health emergency response and undertake preparedness activities is important for international health security. This training programme was an effort by the Departments of Community Medicine, Public Health and Hospital Administration, Yenepoya Medical College, Yenepoya University, Mangaluru.The aim of this project was to enhance public health emergency preparedness and response skills using three interrelated components: enhancing knowledge; improving skills; and, building networks.

DSC_0371 (1)

This 3-day intensive workshop on “Infectious Disease Outbreak Investigation and Surveillance” was conducted between 20th to 22nd September 2017 and was inaugurated by Dr. M. Vijaya Kumar, Honourable Vice Chancellor, Yenepoya University. The programme received a good response in terms of participation, a total of 46 postgraduate trainees and faculty of Community Medicine and Public Health from various Medical Colleges of Karnataka, Maharashtra and Kerala participated in the workshop. The sessions at the workshop were delivered by two eminent resource persons, Dr. Tarun Bhatnagar and Dr. Manickam Ponnaiah, both working as Scientist ‘E’ at the ICMR- National Institute of Epidemiology, Chennai.  Dr. Abhay S Nirgude, Professor and Head, Department of Community Medicine and Dr. Siddharudha Shivalli, Associate Professor and In-Charge Head, Department of Public Health, Yenepoya Medical College.


The course was delivered using a variety of teaching and learning methods including lectures, interactive group work amongst participants, one-to-one discussions and self-directed study. The participants were trained about the salient principles of outbreak investigation and surveillance at the workshop. An outbreak simulation exercise was conducted to give the participants a practical experience in a virtual setting. Data entry and analysis using the Epi Info software was taught through a hands-on approach.

All the participants were actively involved in the sessions and gave a positive feedback at
the end of the programme.



With the expansion in road network, motorization and urbanization in the country, the number of road accidents have surged and it is becoming one of the leading causes of deaths across the world. In order to control accidents and Road Traffic injuries within the campus, Yenepoya Univerity implemented Helmet compulsory rule for the students and staff riding two-wheelers.

Mr. Yenepoya Abdulla Kunhi, Chancellor, Yenepoya Univeristy, feels that wearing a helmet should come willingly rather than being forced by an authority. He further said that, “controlling the speed of vehicles and following the traffic rules are essential measures for road safety. We cannot keep track on students wearing helmet outside the campus, but by this rule atleast they will understand the importance of wearing a helmet. However, self realisation is more important.”


Instructional course on degenerative disc disease of the spine with live surgery demonstration held at YMC.

Degenerative disc disease is a condition of the discs between vertebrae with loss of cushioning, fragmentation and herniation related to ageing and 10 million cases are reported in our country every year. The two-day workshop of “Instructional course on degenerative disc disease of the spine with live surgery demonstration” on 7th and 8th October 2017 held at Yenepoya Medical College Hospital premises, University campus, Deralakatte, Mangalore was a huge success attended by 80 delegates.


The workshop was organized by the department of orthopaedics under the guidance of Professor Mahabala Rai head of the Department of Orthopedics YMC in association with Department of Neurosurgery, Yenepoya Medical College, Canara Orthopaedics Society and Canara Spine Forum. Dr Shreekumar Menon, Registrar, Yenepoya University inaugurated the program on 7th morning and Dr Shanatharam Shetty, Pro-Chancellor, Nitte University and Mr Farhaad Yenepoya, Finance Director, YU attended the program as chief guests.

One of the key features of the workshop was live surgery demonstration by spine surgeons from Mangalore and various problems related to backache were discussed by visiting the faculties. Organizing Secretary and Chief Spine Surgeon of Yenepoya Medical College, Dr Janardhana Aithala who coordinated live surgeries said that all 80 delegates were actively involved in the sessions and the program was highly successful.



Ask for Robotic Surgery

The Yenepoya Medical College Hospital achieved the distinction of being the first hospital in the Coastal Karnataka region to establish an Advanced Robotic Centre with the latest  Da Vinci minimally invasive surgical technology. The state of the art centre was inaugurated on 30th July 2016 by the Hon’ble Governor of Karnataka, Shri Vajubhai Vala. The Centre works with a team of dedicated doctors and has successfully completed 150+ Robotic assisted surgeries in the hospital.

The centre is undertaking lot of awareness building measures to help the general public understand Robotic surgery. Before the surgery the patients are given proper counselling about this surgery and it’s benefits. The Robot does not do anything on its own, every movement of the Robot is controlled by a surgeon who sits at the console. The use of these technologies is enabling the medical students of the Yenepoya Medical College to get exposed to the changing face of surgery and medical care in today’s world.

Robotic surgery was developed to overcome the limitations of invasive surgery and to enhance the capability of open surgery. In the past, surgeons had to make large incisions in order to reach the organs they needed to operate on. This often meant big, ugly scars and long recovery period. Robotic surgery offers patients the possibility of less invasive surgery, with smaller incisions, less scarring, decreased post-operative pain, and shorter hospital stay.

Robotic surgery has only been around since the early 2000s. In India, this advanced surgery is available only at a handful of reputed hospitals. With the establishment of this centre, Yenepoya Medical College Hospital has made this advanced facility available for the first time in Dakshina Kannada District and Northern Kerala. It also became the first medical college in the state to implement such advanced surgical facility in Coastal Karnataka region by a private Deemed to be University under the Department of Urology and Oncology. Keeping in view the large number of below poverty line  patients under various government schemes who come for treatment, the hospital is making this facility available to them at highly subsidised cost and in many cases almost free.



Using drama to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s

World Alzheimer’s Day, September 21st of each year, aims to raise awareness on the most common form of dementia, increased among people aged 65+ with a progressive decline in memory, thinking, language and learning capacity. It is estimated that every 3 seconds, someone in the world develops dementia and at least 44 million people are living with dementia.


Using drama/street play to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s on the World Alzheimer’s Day with the theme “Remember me” was the idea of the doctor’s from psychiatry department of Yenepoya University to get people to think positively about how to be with people who have dementia, to provide encouragement & support for people with dementia, so they realise they are not alone.The play was entirely conceptualized and performed by staff and post-graduates of the Department of Psychiatry.


The audience received the play very well and got good feedbacks from everywhere. It helped the audience with a lot of things which they didn’t know about Alzheimer’s and it also provided a safe space for people to share their own experiences as has happened following previous performances.

Convocation 2017

Convocation is a milestone for a university as it reflects the achievements of the students, teachers and the founders of the university. 21st October was one of the most memorable day in the history of the Yenepoya University as it was the Seventh Convocation of the University. With a cast of 421 graduates, chief guest, guests, friends and family who gathered in YENDURANCE(university auditorium) witnessed a truly momentous occasion

Chief guest Dr G.K Rath Head, National Cancer Institute-India, Chief, Cancer Center & Prof, Radiation Oncology, AIIMS, New Delhi, in his convocation address to graduates, stressed the importance of taking Clinical Research (Translational Research) in India as their career and concentrate on solving medical problems facing the country, as India is experiencing a rapid transition in the health sector.Guest of honour Mr. Faizal Kottikollon Chairman KEF Holdings, in his speech, emphasized on moving with the time and technology and briefed the importance of living a better life with good values.

Yenepoya Abdulla Kunhi (Honorable Chancellor, YU) presided the function. Graduates took their pledge to fulfil the expectations of founder and to be honest in the discharge of their duties and serve for the cause of the nation and they were awarded the gold medals and degree certificates. Dr. M. Vijiaya Kumar (Vice- Chancellor, YU), Dr. G. Shreekumar Menon(Registrar), Dr. B.T Nandish (Deputy Controller of Examinations), Y. Mohamed Kunhi (Chairman, IAE), Dr. Akhter Husain (Secretary, IAE) and other dignitaries were present in the programme.

The Program ended with the divine blessings and return of academic procession.

Karaseva -be the change !!!

Karaseva is an organization for early detection of common diseases in school children by medical undergraduates of Yenepoya University. They aim to screen the students of government schools who don’t have access to quality health care and the children who are found to have conditions are treated in University Hospital.


These group of dedicated and diligent medical students eager to serve the society they live in, during their study course they came across young children with conditions which could easily be prevented if they had access to the right kind of medical attention. The conditions they suffered from was reflected on their attendance in school and hence their education. This thought reinforced Karaseva the importance of screening and prevention.



They believe that biggest change can be brought only if small steps are taken. This lead to the birth of Karaseva. They started as a small group of eight students out to make a difference is now an expanded family of 80 members . They have successfully screened over 1695 students in 11 schools and 199 students were successfully treated for the conditions they suffered from in the University hospital.


Karaseva now stands here as a testimony to the fact that small steps lead to big changes and welcoming you to be a part of their little family and help them to make the world we live in a better place than we found it in.

Reach them @kasarasev16 in Instagram and facebook.