Karaseva -be the change !!!

Karaseva is an organization for early detection of common diseases in school children by medical undergraduates of Yenepoya University. They aim to screen the students of government schools who don’t have access to quality health care and the children who are found to have conditions are treated in University Hospital.


These group of dedicated and diligent medical students eager to serve the society they live in, during their study course they came across young children with conditions which could easily be prevented if they had access to the right kind of medical attention. The conditions they suffered from was reflected on their attendance in school and hence their education. This thought reinforced Karaseva the importance of screening and prevention.



They believe that biggest change can be brought only if small steps are taken. This lead to the birth of Karaseva. They started as a small group of eight students out to make a difference is now an expanded family of 80 members . They have successfully screened over 1695 students in 11 schools and 199 students were successfully treated for the conditions they suffered from in the University hospital.


Karaseva now stands here as a testimony to the fact that small steps lead to big changes and welcoming you to be a part of their little family and help them to make the world we live in a better place than we found it in.

Reach them @kasarasev16 in Instagram and facebook.

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