Students visit ACTS-YEN

It was a delightful moment for our Advanced Comprehensive Clinical Training and Simulation Center (ACTSYEN) staffs for hosting the 45 students and two faculties from Manipal school. ACTSYEN were happy to help them inspire and motivate the students by designing a session on the reproductive system and reproductive health.


Students educated with drawbacks of early sexual activity & pregnancy, awareness regarding sexual activeness, Abortion – legal and illegal and long-term effects on the body, Demonstration of a normal labour and show placenta and baby using Maternal Fetal Simulator, Male reproductive organ and Female reproductive organ,Chart showing fertilisation & implantation and menstrual cycle and Students also had a brief interactive session on adolescent health, during this session. Students were also taken on a tour of the hospital and were able to get up close and personal with some of the hospital’s clinical staff.The visit also allowed the students to explore contemporary issues related to health and health systems in the Dakshina Karnataka.




Our Doctors said, “Students interacted well and enjoyed talking to each other and it was a really good activity for both sides and Students are the best channel to convey a message to the society, they will go and tell their family about these things and awareness spreads”. The students felt really good after the visit,” said the teacher accompanied.They were a little nervous initially but were certainly rewarded by the end.The residents put them at ease and were truly interested in the students and helped them to reduce the level of anxiety children generally associate with their own hospitalization”.


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