Medical Art- Visualising Art in Science

Medical Science and Art. When two worlds of infinite mystery, knowledge and creativity collide it creatives magic. Dr Akhter Husains “Medical Art” series is a testimony to this.

One of the pioneers in this branch of art, Dr Akhter believes that it is a balancing act of the rational logical left hemisphere with the intuitive right taking art to another direction. It is built on groundwork of scientific knowledge, and an artistic technique. These works are his  interpretations through experimentation with “pigments and pixels”. Technically, a blend of traditional paintings brought on a digital canvas.

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Because of his zest for experimentation with different techniques, today he uses combination of the best of the three worlds, photography, digital technology and traditional paints. Sometimes his creativity starts with pixels and later he blends pigments and pixels before the final product gets printed on canvas.

He has been able to strike a perfect balance between his profession as an Orthodontist and his pre-occupation with art. He is currently serving as the Professor and Head, Department of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics at Yenepoya University, India.Human faces always inspired him. He saw art in creating beautiful smiles and correcting facial deformities. With his deft fingers that deal with wires and pliers in Orthodontics, paint brushes over canvas or his passion for photography. He sometimes jokes saying “orthodontics is his occupation and art is his pre-occupation”.

His new passion is medical art depicting various life processes and physiologic aspects of the human body. His work has always been appreciated for profoundness, trendiness and articulation. His work has been portrayed in numerous art exhibitions held across India and Netherlands where he is pursuing his PhD on Smile Dynamics. Dr.Akhter has won several National and international accolades and honors in the field of photography. He is also an associate of the Royal Photographic Society, London.

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